University Communications

General Information

Communications Unit

We are responsible for central university communications: 

  • target-group oriented press and public relations work
  • development and implementation of marketing activities
  • management and further development of the central internet and intranet sites as well as the university presence in social media
  • conception and editing of publications (university magazine Spektrum, annual reports, brochures, flyers)
  • conception and organisation of central events and presence at fairs
  • management and further development of the university’s corporate design
  • further development of strategic communications
  • internal communication
  • general studies

The University magazine SPEKTRUM

The University magazine SPEKTRUM appears in November. In this publication, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences presents important topics on teaching, research, international matters, events, publications and staffing.

The magazine is free and is distributed on the campuses, and sent to the Association of Friends of the University, industrial contacts, universities, schools, former colleagues, honorary senate members and part-time lecturers.

SPEKTRUM Ausgabe 51

SPEKTRUM 51 E-Paper (in German)

SPEKTRUM 51 PDF-Download (in German)


Distribution and specimen copies for advertisers
Andrea Heß
Editor: Sabine Svoboda
Printing, setting and adverts:
Druckhaus Waiblingen Remstal-Bote GmbH
Albrecht-Villinger-Straße 10, 71332 Waiblingen
Contact: Hartmut Straub, Phone 07151 566-223, h.straub[at]

"HOCHSCHULTICKER" (University Ticker) Newsletter

The "HOCHSCHULTICKER" appears three times a year. It is designed for members of the academic and support staff.

The "HOCHSCHULTICKER" contains succinct reports on news from the University, the administration, staffing matters, the faculties and committees.

Editor: Sabine Svoboda

Brochures and Flyers

Welcome to the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences shop!

University Mugs, Books or Pens?

Welcome to the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences shop!
Are you looking for a present for friends or relatives? Are you planning to visit someone at a university abroad? Or would you just like a piece of the University as a keepsake?  Here, you can find merchandising articles, writing and conference materials and much more.

At Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, there is a sales point for presents with the University logo. A purchase is possible at the vending machines and the pick-up takes place at the Esslingen city centre campus in room 1.317, building 1.

The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences shop is open every tuesday from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order items by phone, fax or letter; neither can we send articles by post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melanie Seemann.



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